What's That Smell? (Car Edition)

Most vehicles on the road nowadays have many different ways to alert us when it needs repairs. One way to tell if you have car troubles is by smell. Different odors can indicate a multitude of problems, which is why we've created this easy guide to narrow down your vehicle smell. Below are the four most common vehicle smells and what they mean:

Musty Basement Smell

If you notice that your car smells like a dirty, humid basement, there is a strong possibility that you have mildew or mold growing in your HVAC vents. You can get rid of it most of the time by turning on your heaters and rolling down the windows to dry out the system. If the problem persists, please take it to an auto repair shop.

Burnt Oil Scent

There's no better way to describe it than what it is. If oil is leaking out of your engine, odds are it will burn. You may also see smoke coming out from under the hood or your exhaust when this happens. 


We've all stood at the gas pump, so we are all very familiar with this smell. If you can smell gasoline from your car, it may mean that you have a fuel leak, which can be very dangerous. Please make an appointment with your trusted mechanic right away.

Maple Smell

A sweet, syrupy smell always links back to coolant and the cooling system. The lack of coolant in your vehicle can put it at risk of engine overheating and other major engine problems. We all know engine repairs are not easy or cheap, so please attend to this ASAP.


If you encounter any of these unusual smells on your commute, please take some time to look into it right away. If the problem persists, it could spread to other areas in your car. The professional team at European Auto Motors would be glad to assist you in diagnosing your vehicle smell and suggest any necessary repairs. Please bring your car to the experts today!