What Are the Advantages of Auto Glass Tinting?

Window tinting isn't only an artistic add-on. Auto glass tinting has a long list of other protective and functional benefits. The process of getting the tint added onto your vehicles' glass surfaces is very straightforward. If done professionally and meticulously by the team at European Auto Motors, the tint will look seamless! Here are the primary benefits of getting your car glasses tinted:

Added Privacy

Vehicle vandalism and theft happen more often daily than you think. Depending on the darkness of the tint, it can block people from taking a peek inside your car. By tinting your glass, you'll feel a little bit more protected, knowing the valuables in your vehicle aren't as easy to detect.

UV Ray Protection

The constant exposure to direct sunlight is no good for human skin, especially if you don't wear sunscreen every day. Luckily, tinted automobile windows can block up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet waves linked to premature skin aging and epidermis cancer. If you want to protect your skin, we highly suggest getting tinted windows. 

Temperature Control 

Tinted windows can keep your car cooler in the summer. Additionally, you could end up saving some money since your AC won't be hard at work cooling down your car.

Preserves Upholstery

Another advantage of tinted windows is that they can preserve your interior from fading, cracking, and other sorts of damage. Your car is a premium investment that you should protect, both inside and out.


Depending on your lifestyle, you should genuinely consider adding glass tints to your Euro vehicle. At European Auto Motors, we offer an extensive list of services, including glass tinting. If your European car needs assistance, please bring it to our shop today! Or you can give us a call at (305) 590-5053!