Tips for Road Tripping with Pets

More than half of Americans are expected to travel at least once this summer, which is significantly more than summer 2020. If you plan to take a trip with your family this season, consider letting your furry friends tag along. We can guarantee they want in on all the fun too! 


If you want to bring your pets, be prepared to do additional packing and preparation. Here are some of our tips for traveling with pets:

Secure them safely in your vehicle.

Your pet's safety is compromised if you leave him or her unrestrained in your car. Your animal could lean too far over the car window or attempt to jump out. Stopping too abruptly can also send your pet from one side of the car to the other. We suggest you bring a kennel or doggie car seat with you to keep your furry friend guarded. Additionally, you can find specific harnesses at pet stores that attach to your vehicle’s seat belt. 


Remember to pack for your pet.

There are some items that you will probably forget to pack for your pup. It always helps to make a checklist of things to pack. As a responsible owner, do not forget to bring your pet's food or water. If you have an energetic one, pack toys to keep your pet occupied. Don't forget to pack extra cash just in case you have to buy last-minute things.


Periodic stops are to be expected.

Just like you, your cute companion will require you to stop for bathroom and stretch breaks. It would be helpful to pinpoint the rest stops on your route before departing.


Try not to feed them a big meal before leaving.

Instead, it is recommended to give them a light meal a few hours before leaving the house. Depending on how long of a ride it is, feel free to feed them small treats on the way.


People often say, "the more, the merrier." We can guarantee that your trip will be 100x more fun if you take your furry friend(s). Before you begin your summer adventures with your furry friend, make sure your vehicle is safe for the long drive. Our certified technicians can give you a thorough pre-trip inspection before you get out of town. If you need one, give us a call or stop by European Auto Motors today.