How to Clean and Shine Your Headlights

If you're a person who likes to keep their car spotless, then you probably understand the annoyance of having blurry or oxidized headlights. The bad thing about oxidized headlights isn't just that they are visually unattractive, but too dim of lights can impact your visibility during your night drives. 


Vehicle headlights in older model cars had been made from glass. However, the headlights on newer cars have evolved and converted to be made with solid and sturdy plastic. While the thicker materials are firm, it's still penetrable. They come with a covering, but with usage over time, the layer can become damaged. The most common problem we've seen at European Auto Motors is oxidation on headlights.


Before you can get started on removing the gunk off your car, you need to know where the oxidation is: Is it on the inside or outside of your light? If the defect is on the exterior part of your headlight, you can follow the straightforward instructions below to get rid of the oxidation. If the oxidation occurred on the inside of the headlight, you might need to seek professional help. Oxidation on the inside of the headlight is tougher to get to and requires you to take the light apart. In some very severe cases, people may need to replace the whole part.


To clean (the exterior of) your headlight or taillight, you'll need the following items: 

  • A paste prepared by mixing baking soda or toothpaste
  • A towel or rag 
  • Old toothbrush 
  • Water 
  • Sponge 

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Squeeze a quarter-size amount of paste mixture on your rag and apply a thin layer of paste to the affected area. 
  2. Let it soak in the gunk and leave it on your headlight for about 15 minutes.
  3. Use the toothbrush to rub the residue off of your headlights. You may additionally use your towel to give it a rougher scrub. 
  4. Once the spotlight is clear, rinse the residual toothpaste off with water and clean your headlight with the sponge.  

The toothpaste mixture acts as a mild detergent to help scrub away any oxidation left on your headlight. If the toothpaste cannot remove all the residues, you may need to invest in higher quality cleaner and car polish. 


If you need support on restorations or replacements of vehicle lighting, please give us a call or stop by European Auto Motors today!