Fun Road Trip Games to Play with Friends & Family

With the warmer, Spring weather approaching, many Americans will start planning for fun, road trips. Whether you're taking your family for a vacation or going on a getaway with your friends for Spring break, we want to make sure everyone stays entertained. And playing games is a great way to do that! Below are some popular road trip games that should try out while you're on the road:

20 Questions

The game starts with one person picking any person, place, or thing while the rest of the passengers have 20 questions to get hints about the thing. If everyone can guess it in under 20 questions, they win. Otherwise, the person who chose the thing wins. Of course, you can modify the game and even set categories if things become too difficult.

I, Spy

I Spy has been a tradition for many road trippers for decades! To play, one person is "it" and gets to choose anything in sight. The traditional saying is "I spy, with my little eye, something [color], or something beginning with a [letter]." Players then take turns to guess the right answer.

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is a fun and interesting game where people think of two scenarios and have no choice but to pick one or the other. The proposed scenarios can be funny, scary, gross, and everything in between depending on how you want to play it. It leads to discussion, and plus anyone at any age can play!

Guess That Song

For the music fanatics, this one's for you. A snippet of a song gets played and everyone in the car has to take turns guessing the track and artist. Easy, right? What's even better is that you all can follow up with a sing-along after!


We hope some of these fun games make your car ride a little less boring. If you need a pre-trip inspection on your car, we welcome you to visit European Auto Motors in Doral, FL, before hitting the road.