Does Power Steering Fluid Need to be Replaced?

When it comes to car maintenance, there are key parts prioritized when compared to others. For most components, maintenance involves removing fluids from different systems and replenishing with new fluids. Maintaining the brakes, transmission, cooling, and power steering systems all follow this procedure.


However, the power steering system is not usually given much attention by most drivers. This is because it isn’t as talked about as some of your vehicle’s other important fluids. However, driving with contaminated or worn-out power steering fluid can lead to a faulty power steering pump, which can in turn cause trouble steering. 


Reasons for Replacing the Power Steering Fluid

Several factors could prompt a driver to change the fluid. They include:

Instructions in the User Manual

It is utterly important to check your car's user manual to avoid missing key information. Some cars need this fluid change while others may not. If your car has such information, it's best to follow the advice and avoid possible issues in the future.


Noisy Pump

The power steering fluid, like the rest, is also susceptible to the contamination that might alter its normal functioning. A noisy pump and a wheel that requires extra effort to turn are enough indicators that your car may need a power steering flush.


Inspecting Your Fluid

You could also do a routine check of the fluid's status using a dipstick. A color that deviates from bright red and seems darker may hint at a potential problem and may need to be changed.


Advantages of a Power Steering Flush

After performing a flush on your steering wheel, there will be changes noted which include:

  • Smoother steering
  • A fit power steering pump
  • Removal of contaminants.
  • Keeps seals soft
  • Less noise

Therefore, regular checks of the power steering system are important to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. More importantly, always be on the lookout for any signs of a flawed power steering system. 


If you need a power steering fluid flush, we invite you to bring your vehicle to European Auto Motors in Doral, FL today!