Decluttering Tips for Your Car

The average American driver spends 600 hours each year in their car - that's roughly 25 whole days. With all that time in a vehicle, you can imagine you may need to do some cleaning and decluttering. Not only can piling up things in your car diminish the appearance, but it can also weigh your car down, increasing your fuel consumption. Today, we are going to go over the best decluttering tips for your car!


In order to start the organization process, first, you need to take everything out so you can do inventory. That way, you have a clear view of what needs to be thrown out, stored away, or kept in the car. An essential item to invest in for your vehicle is a small trash can. If not, you should bring along some leftover grocery bags to use as trash bags. As a result, you'd have a designated area to throw trash away.


Most of the time, the most significant source of clutter in cars comes from storing temporary items. The things typically include sports equipment, camping gear, or road trip matters. You should remove these items, categorize them, and keep the temporary items in containers. This will make these things more accessible to move around, making you motivated to unload them from your car whenever you're done using them.


There are also many cargo tools and accessories you can get on the market to better your organization. From collapsible trunk bins to store your groceries to visor document holders to carry essential documents to seat hooks for your bags or jackets, there's something for everybody.


The driver's seat is one of the most critical parts to keep clean. Nothing should be able to fall near the driver's feet or distract the driver's line of sight. There are plenty of front-seat car organizers that will to keep items from getting loose. 


For people with children, food crumbs and drink spills can quickly ruin the interior of a car. To manage accidents, please keep a handheld vacuum and a roll of paper towels on hand. Taking a quick minute using the vacuum will keep the car looking spotless.


Clutter in a car is not just a physical annoyance—it can inhibit the ability to focus and cause stress. So, please keep the vehicle well organized and tidy to produce a pleasant, safe driving environment that you and your passengers can like. For all your automotive needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to European Auto Motors.