5 Common Reasons Your Vehicle Is Overheating


Seeing a thick white smoke flow from the hood of your vehicle is not only frustrating but scary. The engine has overheated. While an overheating engine seems like an uncommon situation, they can and do happen, usually at the most unexpected times. And an engine that’s spewing smoke is signaling a major mechanical problem. If you don’t have this problem inspected, it can lead to permanent damage to the engine and other essential vehicle components. Below are 5 of the most common reasons for an overheated vehicle.

1.    There’s a Problem with the Coolant System

 The coolant system regulates the temperature of the engine. It prevents overheating by drawing heat away from it. If there’s damage within the cooling system that’s caused a leak, the engine can overheat. 

2.    Engine Oil

Engine oil lubricates the moving mechanical components of the engine. If the engine oil is too low or old, it reduces its effectiveness. Significant friction can also occur in the engine and result in overheating. 

3.    The Water Pump is Broken

The water pump ensures the coolant is fluidly moving throughout the coolant system. If there’s a leak in the water pump, the water pump can fail altogether, contributing to the engine overheating. 

4.    Radiator Failure

Similar to the coolant system, the radiator also pulls heat away from the engine. If there is a buildup of pollutants, the heat won’t be able to move adequately.

5.    Thermostat Issues

If a thermostat is broken, it can become jammed in the open or closed position. A jammed thermostat will lose its ability to regulate the coolant. If the thermostat is faulty, the engine won’t just overheat; the temperature may fluctuate, and coolant may leak.

Inspection and automotive repair in Doral, FL. 

If your vehicle has overheated, do not drive any further. Immediately pull over and cut the engine off. Reach out to a trusted tow company and have your vehicle brought into European Auto Motors. Our automotive technicians are dedicated professionals with experience in all car makes and models.