3 Problems With Your Transmission You Can’t Ignore

While you're driving home from work, you're getting ready to park your car. As you put the car in reverse, a jerking sound is made with shifting gears. The sound and jerk last a few seconds, but you're able to park the car without any other issues, hoping your transmission is not blown. What are some signs to look for that your transmission needs to be worked on immediately?

1. Your Transmission Has Challenges Shifting Gears - if you notice when you're driving that your gears move from reverse to neutral, then it's time to take your car in for repairs. Another sign is your car is not accelerating fast enough or struggling. Also observe rough transitions when switching gears, it could be a problem for your transmission. Observe any delays between shifting gears, where the connection is slow, or there's a long pause. This is an issue that cannot be ignored.

2. Transmission Fluid is Leaking - If you see a red fluid on the ground under your car, it might mean transmission fluid is leaking and needs to be serviced. To make sure the leak is persistent, lay a cardboard under your car, and place it in the middle of the car.

3. Warning Light on Dashboard - The check engine going off is a sign that there is a problem in your car. It might not be the transmission, but this flashing is a sign to get your car immediate attention. The check engine light flashing could be an error, or a faulty wire and it might not be any major issues. However, you still want to get the problem checked out sooner than later.

These are signs that your transmission needs help should not be ignored for long. Whether we are in the summer or winter, you need to get the necessary help as soon as possible, so you are not stuck out on a street when your car stops. If your car needs service for your transmission, come to our shop today. We will provide your car with the best in auto repair services.