3 Major Signs Your BMW Has a Cooling System Problem

BMWs are high-performing luxury vehicles; however, over time, they can also develop issues. Issues with the cooling system are common, and with BMW's they can lead to eventual failure. The cooling system serves three essential functions. It keeps the engine running at optimal operating temperatures; it maintains the temperature and removes excess heat. Typical cooling system issues like coolant leaks are easy to repair. However, if they're neglected, they can lead to a lot of unnecessary costly repairs. Below are common symptoms that indicate an issue is beginning to develop.

High-Temperature Gauge 

Your dashboard gives you a variety of information about the health of your vehicle. One crucial aspect is the temperature of the engine. A major sign for BMW's is a high-temperature reading on the temperature gauge. If the temperature keeps rising and remains consistent, pull your vehicle over immediately, and professional attention.

Steaming Hood 

If there's steam coming from beneath your BMW's hood, the engine is overheating. Since the cooling system regulates the temperature, a steaming engine can indicate it's struggling to function. The engine is overheating and boiling the coolant, causing a thick smoke.  

Exhaust Smoke 

One major sign that your BMW is experiencing a cooling system problem is exhaust smoke. Any exhaust flowing from your tailpipe should be a vapor translucent. A coolant leak causes exhaust that is white smoke. If there's a coolant leak during a BMW's hot combustion process, it'll cause the coolant to burn and the exhaust to turn white. 

BMW Cooling System Maintenance in Doral, FL

BMW are premium luxury vehicles that need regular servicing and maintenance for optimal performance. Maintenance involves checking your Bimmer's coolant levels and giving it a top off when necessary. If you find yourself topping your coolant off regularly, there may be a leak. During an inspection at European Auto Motors, the coolant's quality is also inspected to ensure no particles or debris. Overtime pollutants can cause sludge buildup, significantly impacting its performance. A coolant flush may be needed to restore adequate functionality. 

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